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Wrought Iron Fence Orlando

Wrought Iron Fencing Orlando

Hand Forged Commercial & Residential Ornamental Iron Fence And Railings

Osceola Fence Supply’s hand crafted wrought iron fencing offers many attractive advantages, which has made it a popular style for centuries. Most fence companies understand that property owners have quite a bit to consider when choosing what type of metal fencing will compliment your home the best. We offer an abundant supply and array of decorative iron railings and fence designs with unmatched quality and years of experience that commercial and residential property owners need in order to help them make the best choice. Budget, style, lifespan, durability and protection should all be taken into consideration when looking over each option for wrought iron fencing.

The Classic Sophistication of Custom Steel

Decorative steel has a very sophisticated and stately look. Ornamental iron can really enhance the boundaries of your home in addition to making a strong visual statement. Cast iron fencing can be found on many older buildings, proving that with the some care and maintenance, it can outlast almost any type of fencing material in existence.

There is simply no other kind of fencing material supplied that is as more decorative and ornate. So if you are looking for rustic, original or intricate types of fencing you will definitely want to consider rod iron fencing. A secure and stylish border can easily be created around a residence or commercial property with a well-designed, custom wrought iron fence.

Long Lifespan

This type of steel fence is a heavy duty metal that holds up incredibly well in all types of adverse weather conditions unlike board on board wood fences that require more care. High winds will virtually have no effect on metal fencing aside from a direct impact from flying debris. Not only that, but it provides security and an excellent protective barrier for buildings and properties. Most good fencing companies will recommend that it be placed on level ground or in a retaining wall to ensure a secure and even placement.

Depending on local building codes for installing fences, a decorative wrought iron fence can be custom built to above average heights and the posts may be spiraled or have spear tops, making it visually appealing while preventing intruders from making a successful attempt at scaling it. Hardened steel also has such an imposing look that it can serve as a visual deterrent to would-be intruders. It is a dark metal that is typically powder coated and makes a dramatic statement.

Where to Use

Metal fencing is an excellent choice around many different areas and features. It can be used for:

  • Yards
  • Enclosures
  • Balcony Railings
  • Stairs
  • Hand Rails
  • Gardens and courtyards
  • Swimming pools
  • Landscaped areas

It can also be installed around the perimeter of a residence, office, or other commercial property. Cast iron can be used to create a gated enclosure, and is especially attractive for driveways or private roads and entrances.

Low Maintenance

The durability of our fences makes it a great investment that requires very little upkeep over the years. The many older properties that have ornate iron features are a testament to the quality and craftsmanship that goes into building cast iron elements, and fencing is no exception. We supply and provide our customers with helpful tips and instructions for caring for your metal fence.

Let the experienced wrought iron fence company, Osceola Fence Supply, answer any questions and concerns that you may have about these decorative privacy fence styles for your home. Our specialists are highly skilled and will know how to guide you in the right direction.

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