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Wood Fence

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Osceola Fence Supply offers custom wood fencing in Orlando Florida, a full line of pressure treated fencing products to fit all of your needs. Every fence is built on site also called “stick built”. Every picket is installed one at a time and driven into the runners using hot dipped galvanized nails. This is done to ensure the highest quality and durability that can be provided.

When considering the installation of a new stockade fence, it is always best to choose local, dependable companies that use only high quality cypress, pine or other materials while providing excellent customer service. Installation should always be done by a skilled fence builder. Whether for a commercial or residential property, specialists in the overall privacy fence design and construction can deliver the best results that will meet or exceed expectations.

Why Choose Natural Wooden Fencing?

It is attractive, stylish, and offers a high level of privacy that is unmatched by other material types. Homeowners may opt for it because it has a classic natural appeal, and it is also easy to repair and maintain over the years. Not only does it serve as a good privacy fence and a means of providing privacy, but it gives any property curb appeal.

It is the perfect option for local property owners with pets and young children. Wood fences are also important for residential and commercial properties in Orlando that feature an outdoor swimming pool. They can keep unwanted visitors out.

They can be stained or painted, unlike PVC fence, making it one of the most customization options available. Once installed, a good fence should last for many years with minimal upkeep. If repairs are needed, they should be very easy to accomplish at a minimal cost.

Planning Process

It is so important for property owners to hire a trusted company to execute the planning, design, and installation of a fence. Good fence contractors will work closely with their clients to come up with the right design and choose the right style for their needs. We offer three main styles to choose from. Each is available in the color cypress and is pressure treated. The options include:

  • Stockade Wood Fence
  • Board on Board Style
  • Shadowbox Wood Fencing

Built On Site

Reputable fence companies know that in order to provide the best solution for clients, the construction should be done carefully and correctly. Unlike an iron fence that is section built in a shop, a wooden fence should be custom built right on the site. Each individual picket is put into place, one by one. By taking the time to do the job right, the fence installers make sure that the construction meets the highest standards.

Tips for Proper Fence Maintenance

The best way to ensure a long lifespan is by taking care of it over the years. A timber fence that is not cared for can become unsightly, and it can really have a negative effect on the overall look of a property. With regular upkeep, fencing can continue to look as good as new.

Pressure treated pine is much more resistant to the potentially harmful effects of natural moisture and insects. Staining and sealing the wood is also a great way to keep it in good shape, and it should be done every so often. An exterior stain that is designed to seal out moisture is the best choice.

There are many reasons to protect your property. Choosing professional installers can make a significant difference for property owners. By selecting a reputable wood privacy fence company in Orlando, Fl that uses high quality materials, your fence is sure to last for many years.

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